The interface on your face

The interface on your face

We all know people who love their cars.

The sort of person who will lavish affection on their four-wheeled pride and joy after happily paying tens of thousands of pounds for their favourite model.

And yet, strangely, those same owners often baulk at paying just a few pounds extra for a really good set of tyres.

Here at King of Shaves, we know it simply doesn’t make sense for that driver to save a tiny amount of money.

That’s because we recognise that the point where your car meets the road surface is the most important part of the driving experience.

We know this because it’s exactly the same with shaving.

The most vital element of any shave is what comes between the razor and your skin.

You could have the world’s finest razor. You could have prepared your face in the most assiduous manner possible.

But if you use an inferior gel or foam, you won’t get the shave you deserve.

Just as a driver with the most powerful engine will not enjoy the most satisfying motoring experience possible if they skimp on the part of the car that actually comes into contact with the road.

That moment of contact is absolutely critical and it’s worth a bit of extra care to ensure it works as well as it can.

That’s why snooker players constantly chalk the tips of their cues.

That’s why athletes pay hundreds of pounds for running shoes designed using the very latest technology.

That’s why golfers and their caddies keep the faces of their clubs free of every speck of dirt.

So that the most crucial interface of their sporting experience is the best it can possibly be.

Of course, we think our razors are as good as they come. And we are similarly proud of our skincare product ranges.

Alongside them you will find our shaving oils, gels and serums that are designed to provide that ultra-thin layer of protection and lubrication to allow your razor to glide smoothly across your skin.

They will give you a superbly close, comfortable shave.

At King of Shaves, we believe shaving should not be a chore. It should be an enjoyable experience, something you actually look forward to.

And you should be able to say the interface that takes place on your face is the best it can be.

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