What King of Shaves stands for

What King of Shaves stands for

Wasn’t it Einstein who said that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”?

Actually no, apparently it wasn’t Einstein who said that. But given that he was a very smartest chap and given that this particular quote suits the purposes of this blog, we’ll give it to him for now.

The thing is, shaving is one of those things that we do as a matter of course, probably without thinking too much about it.

Humans, and men in particular, are creatures of habit. We get comfortable with the stuff we do, and we are not particularly experimental.

But wait a minute. Just think about this for a second. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a way of doing what you’ve always done... but doing it better?

At King of Shaves, we seriously believe that shaving is something that should be done well, that actually needs to be done well. It’s worth doing properly.

It shouldn’t be a chore, it should be an enjoyable experience. Something, dare we suggest it, that you actually look forward to.

If you are the sort of person who stops every once in a while to look at what you always do and asks if it could be done better, King of Shaves is for you.

It’s for you if you are always inquisitive, asking questions, being interested and engaged, forever wondering what is around the next corner.

It’s for you if you want the best and don’t feel you have to settle for what you’ve always settled for.

It’s for you if you think that life is too short to be average, that time’s ticking away and there are so many things to be experienced and explored.

Ultimately, at King of Shaves we believe there is more than one way of doing anything.

So, for instance, when you use one of our products to shave, you don’t get a face full of lather. You can actually catch sight of your skin as the razor glides across it. As we always say, seeing is believing.

Because if you do what you always do, you will get what you’ve always got. As Einstein would surely agree.