Shave Gel vs Foam

Shave Gel vs Foam

See clearly – how window washing has influenced your shave routine*. I have to confess I have a strange fascination watching a professional window cleaner tackle large glass panes. A sense of calm descends as the dirty glass is methodically covered in soapy water. It is oddly gratifying watching the squeegee cut through the foam transforming the glass from grimy to sparkling clean.

What has washing windows got to do with shaving?

If you are a canned shave foam or gel user, that same sense of satisfaction of cutting through the lofty foam with your razor, has probably shaped your male grooming routine, but not always for the better.

The professional window clear needs to create a lather to cleanthe dirt from perfectly smooth surface of windows. When using shaving gel, we would argue a lot of (hot) air or large bubbles is the last thing you need when dragging a razor across a bumpy landscape such as the stubble on your face (or other body parts!)

Seeing Clearly

Being able to keep track of which areas the razorhas covered plays a huge part as to why some men prefer a foamy lather when shaving. Like watching the professional window cleaner slice through the soapy lather with the squeegee, we admit, it is satisfying to see the razor blade cut through foam. We understand long standing shaving habits can be difficult to break.

What does Shave Gel do?

All the extra bubbles and foam that a lofty shaving cream lather creates is simply money down the drain. A frothy habit should not stop you from getting a better, smoother shave so that’s why we created our range of low foam Shave Gels. Did you know the bit of you shaving cream that is actually doing all the work is the ultra-thin layer of product between the shaving blade and skin? So save the bubbles for your face wash and, just like driving a car, make sure you can see where you are going when you shave.


Our Shave Gels create a thin lubricating layer between your razor blade and your skin. This helps the razor blade glide over your face allowing it to cut your stubble to the best of its ability whilst helping to protect your skin from unwanted rash and irritation. And unlike traditional soap based shave foams, King of Shaves Shave Gels are all moisturising so they won’t leave your skin feeling dry and tight afterwards.

When to use Shave Gel?

Our Shave Gels are the perfect hybrid of ‘seeing clearly’ while enhancing razor glide for a smooth comfortable shave without the need for excessive froth and nonsense. For time-pressed folk or those allergic to bathroom clutter, our low foam range of Shave Gels also double up as a face wash or shampoo for full beard care too.

We think it’s time to ditch the hot air, stop pouring money down the drain and focus on what makes for the best wet shave – that thin layer of product between razor blade and skin. With four different formulas to address all skin conditions, including moisturising Shave Cream, Sensitive Shave Gel, Cooling Shave Gel and Antibacterial Shave Gel, we are sure you will love our Shave Gel range.

Do your skin and wallet a favour, explore our range of low foam Shave Gels to see how much of a difference they can make to your shave.

* Probably