King of Shaves is Made in Britain

King of Shaves is Made in Britain

Although some people think King of Shaves is an American business, we are actually British. We have been proudly making our shaving and skincare products here in Britain since 1993 (the year our business started).


We decided to join the Made in Britain campaign to try and do our bit to help raise awareness about how many great products are made here in Britain.


Obviously buying British supports British jobs and our economy. We are also a very inventive lot and buying British encourages British business to invest in research and development, which helps bring bright ideas to market.

However, the main reason is that the world’s a very competitive place and British labour costs will always be higher than those overseas in the likes of China and India etc. and as consumers we are a very demanding lot. British made goods won’t always be the cheapest; they do have to offer fantastic value for money, with very high quality and high levels of customer service, just to stand any chance of competing in the market and staying alive. Therefore, as shoppers and consumers we can be confident that British manufacturing really values our custom and will always do the utmost to try and exceed our expectations.

We also all know (often through costly personal experience) that cheap, is cheap for a reason and generally not for a good one.

At the end of the day all we can respectfully ask is please give a thought to the country of manufacture when making your buying decisions.


There are 1000s of examples of British manufacturing that manages to really deliver in terms of product, service and price and here are a couple that stand out based on our personal experiences:

Ebac Dehumidifiers
Dehumidifiers and the only UK made washing machines:

Exceptional bicycle parts:

King of Shaves is Made in Britain