King of Shaves Shave Oils make great Beard Oils too!

King of Shaves Shave Oils make great Beard Oils too!

In addition to providing an amazingly comfortable shave, each of our compact King of Shaves Shave Oils also makes a great Beard Oil too.

They help prevent any unwanted itching or scratchy feeling and leave your beard with a healthy shine.


Apply to a clean and towel dried beard. As a rule of thumb for a small beard you will need 1–2 drops (or pumps) of Oil, a medium beard 3-5 drops, and a big beard 6+. Don’t use too much, better to start with less, you can easily add more.

Massage the Oil into your beard, starting at the top and working down (with the grain), then working up from the bottom (against the grain) using your fingers like a large comb. Finish off by combing through – hold the comb at 90 degrees to your beard so it fully penetrates the beard, not just the top layer.

For even more shine just add a little more Oil.


Our Shave Oils are available from major retailers as well as direct from our online shop.

King of Shaves Shave Oils also make great Beard Oils