Seeing is believing...

Seeing is believing...

We all know what shaving looks like. There’s a bloke, razor poised, and the lower half of his face is covered in a dense white lather.

That’s what shaving has looked like forever. Well, at least since 3,000 BC, when the first shaving cream was invented.

And yet if you stop for a moment and think about it, there’s something quite illogical about this.

You wouldn’t go down into a dark cellar to search for something without switching the light on.

You wouldn’t choose to chop vegetables with your eyes shut.

You wouldn’t drive off at night without using your headlights.

You wouldn’t do any of those things, for the simple reason that seeing what you are doing is important.

You should have absolute confidence in your next step, a certainty that your actions are effective and will not lead to confusion or disaster.

That is one of the reasons why we at King of Shaves have broken with tradition and delivered low-foam shave gels that mean you can see your face while you are shaving it.

A-ha, say the traditionalists. But when it comes to shaving, you need the white stuff because when it’s gone, you know when you have shaved that part of your face.

Except, we reply, how many men really do shave each part of their face only once? Everybody we know goes over every area at least one more time so they can be absolutely sure they are treating themselves to the smoothest shave possible.

In which case, being able to see the area you are about to shave makes a lot more sense than spotting it only after the blade has passed over it.

When you drive you glance in the rear-view mirror every now and then, but most of the time you are looking through the windscreen. A close shave follows the same principle.

Our shave oils, gels and serums are all formulated to give you an amazingly close, comfortable and enjoyable shave – as well as one that is completely visible.

As we always say, we believe that shaving is an activity that needs to be done well. It should be more than a chore, it should be an experience you look forward to and savour.

We also believe it’s an activity you should be able to view clearly at every stage. Seeing really is believing.

Low-foam shave gel from King of Shaves