Keyworkers, King of Shaves & Kindness

King of Shaves Keyworker Supply

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, every little gesture or act of Kindness helps. With the announcement of schools closing today, and the demands being placed on 'Keyworkers' – people who are deemed essential for the country's wellbeing in these tough times – we want to step up as much as we can and help.

King of Shaves Keyworker Supply

From today, until the "end" of the Corona Virus hiatus in the UK, if you, or someone you know is classified as a Keyworker, please use code keyworker30 at checkout to receive a 30% discount off your order.

Clearly we have no way of working out if you take advantage of our offer, you, or the person you refer actually are a Keyworker. However, we hope that you will recognise that we are a business, we have employees' salaries to meet, overheads to service, suppliers to pay and that this level of discount will lead to our online store (including costs of product cost, picking and packing) making a loss on these orders, as the discount we are offering is our entire profit margin on products sold from our site.

So, if you 'can' afford to buy our products at our already very competitive prices, please do, it really is appreciated by us all at King of Shaves. But, in these challenging times, this gesture is the least we can do. When these times pass, and they will, we hope you'll consider King of Shaves as a brand worth buying; we've been made in the UK since 1993 (we were founded in the early 1990's recession, following our Founder Will's redundancy) and we've been 'shaving lives' ever since.

Keep on Keeping On!

Keep safe. Keep your hands washed. Keep self isolated if you are showing symptoms of the Corona Virus. Keep Kind. Keep on keeping on. That’s Key!

From Will and everyone at King of Shaves.