Hitting the slopes? Use protection...

February 03, 2017 2 min read

Hitting the slopes? Use protection...

If you’re going skiing this winter, you can expect your skin to take a battering. A combination of dry air, low temperatures and UV rays coming at you from all angles can leave your skin feeling a bit raw. Combine these outdoor factors with copious amounts of indoor heating and a cheeky aprés beverage or eight, and your skin will be pretty much sapped of moisture.

Dehydrated skin means that the outermost cells on your skin's surface are unable to perform their defensive rolls as the normally would. This means skin will be more susceptible to acne, eczema and wrinkles. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and is our natural protection system. An average man is covered in 20 square feet of it so it’s worth looking after!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to wrap up like a mummy and live like a monk to survive your holiday. On the contrary, we say give it all you’ve got! But you know chaps, you should always use protection... Our King of Shaves SPF15 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser is the perfect skincare solution to give your skin some TLC this winter. It has three key ingredients:


These come together to make proteins, the building blocks of your skin. Without peptides your skin's structure will start to break down, losing firmness and showing wrinkles.

2. Panthenol

This is absorbed deep into your skin cells not only acting as a moisturiser, but also an anti-inflammatory to relieve itching and soothing dry, wind-burnt skin.

3. UVA / UVB filters

Filters protect your skin from harmful UV rays which can cause ageing and, sometimes, skin cancer.

To improve your skincare routine all year round, as well as using a moisturiser with an SPF, make sure you drink plenty of water, take slightly cooler showers and humidify the room.

This can be easy to do with just a bowl of water or a wet towel over the radiator. If you really want to splash out, you can always buy a humidifier!

Protect your skin on the slopes with King of Shaves SPF15 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser


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