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New King of Shaves Shaving Gels and Oil

Our refills are no longer available

We’re really sorry to announce that our King of Shaves Shave Gel and Shave Oil Refills are no longer available. Despite all our best intentions including price matching per ml to the previous plastic tubes and us constantly pushing our retail partners, they simply didn’t sell enough to be economically viable.

Every UK retailer delisted the products and we simply couldn’t sell online anything like the volumes required to continue manufacturing them. It is with regret and much disappointment that we have had to revert back to selling our products in plastic tubes and bottles. At least we tried!

Our new shave gel tubes are a larger 175ml size and they are now made of post recycled plastic so hopefully we are still going someway to minimising our impact on the environment. Plus, as ever, all our products can be recycled.

And rest assured it’s the same wonderful shave gel inside the tubes (and the same great shave oil in the bottle as well).

Thank you for your continued support.

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