Waste not, want not and the rise of the smart shopper

Waste not, want not and the rise of the smart shopper

Since the banking crisis of 2008 a lot has changed about the way we shop and how we perceive value. As a result we’ve arguably all become much more savvy / smart shoppers, always looking for the best “value for money” (VFM), which to most of us this is a blend of quality, service and price.

Most of us have also learnt (often the hard way) that price alone is not always the best indicator of value. Just because something is expensive it doesn’t always mean that the quality matches the price tag and, of course, cheap can sometimes, be just that, cheap!

Here at King of Shaves we know we’re not the cheapest products you can buy however we are confident we rank right up there in terms of value for money.

Less can be more

Whilst using too big a blob of product is great for manufacturers and brands in terms of product consumption, it is actually wasteful and that’s not so good for the consumer’s purse or for the environment.

How much of any product you choose to use is entirely up to you, but often we find people tend to use more than they need and that sometimes using too much product can reduce the quality of the experience, as well as impacting on VFM. For example our Shaving Oils definitely fall in the category of “less is more”!

Why do we love tubes?

Regardless of how much you choose to use each time, we think it’s important to ensure you can use every last drop of product and that the packaging allows you to do this whilst not costing the earth (in all its meanings).

That’s why King of Shaves love the simplicity of tubes. Due to their minimal weight and use of materials they are about as good as it gets for shaving gels and creams – a lot better than cans that’s for sure!

Plus let’s not forget that gravity is free, so standing on tubes on their caps means the product has the best chance of being at the right end of the pack... so where you need it.

Even with the free benefit of gravity, a small amount of product can end-up sticking to the inside of the tube (though we tend to overfill to offset this). A simple centrifuge would sort that out though most of us don’t have one of those lying around at home!

You could create a DIY version by sticking the tube into a carrier bag and spinning it rapidly around above your head (it does actually work)...

King of Shaves tubed shave gel


However, we think the best solution is to watch our short top tip ‘life hack’ video and learn how by simply taking the top off a tube you can ensure you don’t waste a drop of product and thus you get the very best value for money.

Years ago when I was a student a fellow house-mate first showed me this simple trick on a toothpaste tube and I’ve been doing it ever since. Today some of my friends laugh and say it’s just being tight, however to me it’s actually (like a thrifty approach to many things) more about being smart!

Pennies and pounds and all that.