Zero Waste Week

September 06, 2020 2 min read

Zero Waste Week

What is Zero Waste Week and what does 'zero waste' mean?

Zero Waste Week held between 7-11th September 2020 is a national awareness campaign that provides a focus for anyone who wants ideas for going zero waste, wants help getting started on their zero waste journey and for zero waste brands to shout about their credentials. It was started by a lady called Rachelle in 2008 in response to overconsumption.

In reality zero waste, or producing little to no rubbish from your daily life, is almost impossible to achieve. So, the term 'zero waste' has come to define a more minimal mindset where you are focused on reusing and reducing everything you can, moving away from single use plastic. We called our Lifetime Use Refillable product / project 'Code Zero' to reflect this mission.For many zero waste is more like 'low waste' and encompasses some or all of these elements:

  • Swapping to plastic free/refillable toiletries and household cleaning options.
  • Buying less!
  • Using reusable bags, bottles, cups, cutlery and so on when out and about
  • Avoiding all single use plastic.
  • Mending, repairing and making (rather than buying new).

How to get involved in Zero Waste Week.

Whether you’re living alone, with your partner or a family, we have a collective responsibility to reduce our waste and our impact on the planet if we want to soften, avert or avoid the climate emergency crash landing many experts predict. You can find out much more on Zero Waste Week here.

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