Less vans with our EcoPlans

August 13, 2019 2 min read

EcoPlans mean fewer polluting deliveries...

King of Shaves EcoPlans. Like a regular subscription only kinder to the environment.

Starting with old school magazine subscription and, subsequently, streaming services pioneered by Netflix (which led to the downfall of Blockbuster) many companies and industries have latched onto the direct-to-consumer subscription model as a way of selling products to customers.

In the shaving / razor industry, this was led by Dollar Shave Club back in 2012 who promised you could ‘Shave For A Dollar A Month’. They spawned dozens of imitators (and to be fair we were one of them), and the fad has spread into a multiplicity of sectors.

However we have come to realise that subscription services for product based companies are wildly inefficient, hugely damaging to the environment and often loss making. The costs of advertising to attract consumers, the costs of picking orders, then packing them and posting, the financial and environmental costs of frequent deliveries (think of all those extra polluting vans on the road) is a really bad one

A much better policy, is buying in bulk (like you do at Costco) however that can cost more than a subscription.

So we have decided to stop selling subscriptions and replace them with King of Shaves EcoPlans. Our EcoPlans are very competitively priced (like a subscription), they are delivered in bulk (so better for the environment) and you can spread the cost over six months (like a subscription) interest-free when you choose to Splitit at the checkout.

You can choose from receiving either 24 or 48 blades plus your choice of shaving preps and skincare products from our EcoPlan bundles and they all come with a free razor handle. So all the benefits of a subscription, but far kinder to the environment.

Plus we can offer 6 x monthly interest-free payments on any purchase totalling £48 or more from our online store when you choose to Splitit at the checkout.

Choose your razor, blades and shave prep with King of Shaves EcoPlans