April 15, 2021 2 min read


It's Earth Day on the 22nd April, and if you've been following our King of Shaves posts on social media, you'll see we've been featuring a range of images from our One Minute Brief 'Join The REFILLUTION' competition we ran in December 2020.

Plastic was never designed to be 'recycled' - this is largely a myth peddled over 50 years ago by 'Big Plastic' and it's only in recent years that consumers have been made aware of the damage plastic can do to our planet.

Over 70% ends up in landfill or is incinerated; even the use of recycled plastic means that the cycle of 'buy, use, dispose' is never broken.  Plastic recycling depends on the plastic being returned to recycling facilities in the UK - sadly there are relatively few; you may see some brands 'green-washing' or 'purpose-washing' their attempts to convince you they're 'Planet Kind' whereas in reality, we must all adopt a 'Reduce, Refill, Reuse' mentality - to keep packaging that can last 500 years or more out of landfill or being burned as much as we possibly can.

In 2019 King of Shaves announced our mission to be 'Plastic Free by 2023' and in Spring 2020, introduced refillable packaging for two of our best selling products.  Aluminium is an ideal refillable material; like Gold, when it's smelted it returns to being Aluminium (but it's less expensive and a lot lighter!); our PE single laminate refills use 72-84% LESS plastic than the equivalent tubes; they are also genuinely widely recycled, and can be collected kerb side in the UK, or put in with supermarket plastic shopping bags.

Over the next 2 years, the King of Shaves product development team will continue to migrate our range into a refillable format, which has the added benefit of costing less per use for the consumer; this despite the cost of the initial packaging for us is higher.

So, you DO have a choice when it comes to 'shaving better, responsibly'; you'll see from our reviews that we average 4.8/5 in terms of customer satisfaction, and we are committed to providing the very BEST in product experience, whilst doing the BEST we can by respecting our planet.

King of Shaves founder Will was also interviewed by John O'Brien and David Gallagher for their latest book 'Truth be Told'- if you are interested in reading how sustainability has been 'hijacked' by marketers as they seek to 'greenwash' or 'purpose wash' their brand or company, then this book is a must read.

Please, please help us spread the word; King of Shaves products have been made in the UK since 1993; we remain privately owned, the number 3 selling brand behind Gillette and Nivea for Men, and are LEADING the change we want to see in terms of responsible product manufacture and marketing.

To Summarise - 'Reduce, Refill - Not Landfill'.

Your face, skin and Planet will thank you for choosing King of Shaves - the Number 1 Refillable Shaving Brand in the UK (and, the World!)